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About Us

Potters International College

Potters International College (P.I.C), is an accredited career oriented training college based in Accra-Ghana. The college offers certificate courses, advanced diplomas and foundation programs to students passionate about turning their interests into professional skills. P.I.C currently offers a British Curriculum.

Potters International College (PIC) was founded in Ghana by the astute Educationist and female entrepreneur, Caroline Esinam Adzogble on the premise that universities should transcend the bounds of the traditional, theory-based and on-campus approach to education to a rather mobile way of educating students by providing them with a curriculum that can help prepare them to pursue their professional interests in today’s globalized, cutting-edge industries by the use of technology.

Our Vision

To re-define education by transcending the local bounds and traditional ways of teaching and learning to a more impactful approach. One that assures and promises dynamics, adaptation, innovation, and relevance to the 21st century.

Our Mission

To produce graduates that make meaningful contributions to the society. We believe in small class sizes, exponential and experiential learning, engaging and student-centered community, student leadership activities 360 student learning and campus experience. One that contributes to the academic and professional success of the student.

What we believe in and our Core Values

  • We believe Education is a RIGHT
  • We believe Quality education shouldn’t cost a fortune
  • We believe in equal education and funding opportunities to all
  • We believe in exposing students to world renowned opportunities
  • We believe in developing student individually
  • We treat all people fairly and equally
  • We believe in integrity
  • We believe in transparency
  • We consider one’s responsibility to others
  • We support a range of teaching and learning styles

How it began

Potters International College (P.I.C), was founded in Ghana by an object-oriented entrepreneur on the premise that educational institutions should transcend the bounds of the traditional, theory-based, and on-campus approach; to providing a curriculum that can help students pursue their professional interests both on and off campus, through the use of practical technology, and better educational environments.

President’s Welcome

The founder, Ms. Caroline Esinam Adzogble, started off as a business administration and computer science student. She majored in courses such as Database Administration Systems, Hardware and Networking, Software and Web Development, which led her to establish her own IT Training Institution in 2012.

Prior to her working career, she decided to made a decision to continue her education with an Online University to help her balance her career life by taking advantage of the online classes that didn’t restrict her to on-campus schooling. She went on to establish other related companies in the areas of travel and tourism, philanthropy, consultancy as well as recruitment firm.