About Us

Potters International College

Potters International College (PIC) was founded in Ghana by an object-oriented entrepreneur on the premise that universities should transcend the bounds of the traditional, theory-based and on-campus approach to education to a rather mobile way of educating students by providing them with a curriculum that can help prepare them to pursue their professional interests in today’s globalized, cutting-edge industries by the use of technology

Our Mission

To build a high quality learning environment.

Our Vision

To promote the mobilized system of Education

Our Values

We believe in politeness, courtesy and good manners in training students

How we Begun

The founder Ms. Caroline Esinam Adzogble a business administration and computer science student who majored in courses such as database administration systems hardware and networking, software and web development founded and established an IT Training Institution in 2012 as AITC during her tertiary education days. Prior to her busy working career she decided to continue her education with an Online University because it would help her balance her career life and not restricted by the bounds of attending on-campus schooling.
With her love for technology and education, she decided to transcend into creating platforms for both students and workers to study programs but with the use of technology. As an activist she set up an international IT firm known as C-Tech with love and passion for technology. Caroline laid a groundwork for the college to a vision of a new kind of institution for higher education- one that focused on positive social change and allowed professionals to continue working while earning a degree in a rather mobile way.
with their own pace and their own time. To date Caroline has successfully ventured into multiple businesses that are sister companies to Potters International College.

Management & Staff

Caroline Esinam Adzogble

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